Danish Discoveries With Axces


Over the past few years Denmark has become a key component in a growing Scandinavian electronic music scene. Axces is just one label of many that have been channeling a new wave of musicians and producers. Run by Kasper Marrot & Alfredo92, the label has acted as an outlet for an exotic array of house and techno with left leaning sensibilities and abstract taste. 

The latest record from the label is from co founder Alfredo92 who has just released four mutant club focussed tracks on what makes up the "Helfand" EP. It's odd, drawing upon elements of IDM and deconstructed bass music. 

Denmark itself plays host to a sprawling array of sounds and styles, this much is clear by the variety and consistency of the music being released.

We asked Axces to select music which they feel represents the backbone of dance and electronic music in the country at present. They do so in good form below…

Buy the new Alfredo92 EP HERE

Koxbox - World Of Illusions

This was the track that kind of got us into all the older Danish trance stuff. A perfect mix between house and trance that stretches over 10 minutes. A true masterpiece.

  • Koxbox - World Of Illusions

    This was the track that kind of got us into all the older Danish trance stuff. A perfect mix between house and trance that stretches over 10 minutes. A true masterpiece.

  • Nice Device - The New Style (Ministry Mood Mix)

    This is a remix from the mediocre Danish act, Nice Device, who had a huge hit with the track “Cool Corona”. The track starts off on a nice housey tip and half way through switches into a new beat trance vibe. We have been playing this a lot lately and it works every-time.

  • Construction - Monocode

    Another recent find which is simply a highly effective melodic techno banger. Alfredo Played this at Jolene recently and it made a mess.

  • Sonar Flowers - Probe

    As with a lot of the music we find we first discovered this record in Mint Records in Frederiksberg. The best place to find lots of undiscovered dance music. Kasper has been playing this one for a year now and it’s the perfect combination of early trance and house music!

  • Liquid'z - Gravity Test

    This is an alias of the Danish Italian trio Electrodelia. These guys where apparently underground legends in the 90 ?s and had a pizzeria in the heart of the city. Their seminal track “Electrobombay” has just been reissued by the label Super Utu and is also worth checking out.

  • Anesthesia - Plastic Birth

    This track is produced by 2?3 of Electrodelia. We have always loved playing tracks that are just a bit too much and this is one of them. Tacky bassline and over the top agent style leads. This one is very well composed though and it would be a shame to just file as a gimmick. In fact the whole record is very well done and sits very nicely somewhere between techno and trance.

  • Sølvpil - 911

    An extended percussive Dj tool released by the danish label Multiplex in the 90’s. A few years back we played a warm up set at the now closed space called “Et Andet Sted” And this one made the whole room shake. Et Andet Sted was a truly unique space on the outskirts of Copenhagen and without a doubt one of the most important places in making the Copenhagen scene what it is today.

  • Knights In Trance - Nights In Trance

    This track is produced by danish superstar DJ Morten Trøst aka Soulmagic before he began producing more commercial percussive and soulful ibiza stuff. Nice and energetic journey vibes on this one and perfect for a lot of good dance floors! Been played out a lot and perfect for longer disk jockey runs.

  • Mask - Mushroom Kingdom (Original Mix)

    This Copenhagen based underground house band released this EP back in 2011. It never really got any proper distribution, so it’s basically just friends playing this house gem at home. We used to play this tune a lot a few years back. We had the band at a pirate Distortion party at Elmegade in Copenhagen around 2012! Completely packed to the max with people, we had to remove half the stage consisting of stolen euro pallets to make way for a firetruck to pass! Crazy times and good music.

  • Popmix - Klub Frimis

    Crazy club track from our dear friend Frits Carøe! We played this a lot around Copenhagen at various parties. It works all the time. please give it up for POPMIX and keep your eyes peeled for his next record on Axces!

  • Tv-2 Vil Du Danse Med Mig

    Last one is a track by danish major pop band. This 80’s banger has been in the bag a few times, and recently Kasper closed down Panorama Bar with this one. It was a wednesday morning after Maceo Plex and after he finished his set the bouncers came to the floor and asked for more music and this one came on. Big times on the floor.