Daniel Haaksman


Dance music suffers from chronic ADHD, and its getting worse. There used to be a daft new genre strutting round every 7 or 8 months, now thanks to the miracle of the optic cable we can think up stupid new names for drums being hit and basses tumpin away, ooooo, about once a week. I only say this because Daniel Haaksman, driving force behind Tropical Bass pioneers Man Records has gone and bought out a baile funk track, and Im pretty sure that was old news like 4 years ago. The thing is, its a corking track, and it reminds you how good, how exciting, and how much raw throated party jacking fun baile funk can be. So, bloggers, put down your Moombahton for a moment and contemplate a man making music that he loves, regardless of phoney trends. The vocals brilliant, and theres a funny 80s synth line bubbling away to keep things interesting- what more do you need huh ??

Daniel Haaksman – Rap Da Silva feat. Bani Silva by Daniel Haaksman / Man Rec

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