Daniel Avery’s 5 For Farr


When you hear of Daniel Avery the first thing that is likely to come to your head is Fabric resident. However, his rising craft as a producer is beginning to set him apart from the crowd. Stepping out of the comfort of the bunkers that are Weatherall’s studio and his home of Fabric, Avery is going to be gracing the stage under the Ransom Note <3 SOCIETY Tent at Farr Festival on the 20th July. 

Jimpster – Rollergirl

I’ve been playing this out in every single set recently. It can entrance a dancefloor.

Silent Servant – Invocation Of Lust

I love what this guy is about. I think I picked this track for another list last year but it continues to stay in my head so I’m picking it again. Trippy techno done so well. 

Japancakes – Soon (Ricardo Tobar Remix)

One of my favourite electronic tracks ever, I’ve been playing this one out a lot again recently. A lesson in how to tastefully take an MBV sample and turn it into something totally different for the nightclub. I’m sure Shields would be proud of it. 

Headless Ghost – Basik Fire

I play this much, much slower but it still works every time. Amazing production from Ripperton, that guy’s on fire at the moment. 

Obsolete Music Technology – Latency

Another proper trip of a record that I can’t ever see leaving my ‘box’. 16th hi hats > everything else.