Damu Returns To Keysound With First Ep In 3 Years


3 years back, Damu caused a stir with his Keysound released album Unity, a reflective work that took cues from 2 step, electronica, and grime, and drenched them all with a twinkling melodic sensibility. Now the producer is set to return with the Holed Up In A Hovel EP – and he's under gone a fairly substantial change of direction.

“This EP started as war dubs for Keysound nights,” explains Damu. “I really like the competitive vibe of the scene in London and I worked on the EP across Manchester, Sheffield and Croydon from 2013-14.”

“Since my debut album my wiring has changed completely; it's the sonics of individual sounds that gets me hyped now and I think this EP reflects a bit more of a mathematical approach to music-making.”

“I've been tucked away in a few little studios trying to get back to a place where every element of my tunes sounds thrilling to me again. The title ‘Holed up in the Hovel' is how I've felt while I've been working on it for ages.”

“I'm really excited by club music at the moment since moving to Croydon. I love dancing and there's a lot of exciting nights worth dancing at; that's been a huge inspiration to me recently. Making interesting sounds is my focus over making songs now, but considering it's all I ever go out to, it made sense to shape the noises into something like grime."

What we've heard of the EP suggest that Damu is moving out into a bizarre world of his own, hustling grimey 140 bpm towards the electronic innovation that drove Detroit techno's originators. This is machine music, make no mistake, with sharp android cracks of percussion snapping through gibbering electronic breakdown. There are stil no previews available, but a listen to any of Dusk & Blackdown's recent Rinse FM shows will have  given you a taster of the EPs title track. Alternatively head over to the labels website for more info.