Dalibor Cruz makes his debut on natural sciences with ‘Riddled With Absence’


Manchester’s natural sciences welcome Chicago-based artist Dalibor Cruz to the label for a new EP titled ‘Riddled With Absence’.

A product of lockdown, all the tracks on the release were made during complete isolation from friends and family; a period that helped him find his sound and get more clarity on his life in general. 

Rhythm and percussion are at the centre of the record which, as well as drawing from Cumbia, Salsa and Merengue, takes inspiration from Punta: a pacey, rhythmic style of music originating from Honduras, where his father was born.

Speaking about how these influences have played out through both the music and artwork, Dalibor says: ‘Punta, has always captivated me, a massive inspiration for me and my music. The Polyrhythms and the sheer passion and energy of the people playing the instruments… and the pride I have for my people of Honduras. The cover of the record is done by Gabrielle K. Brown and thought it was a perfect image for the record. Depicting ancient Natives and Divine Intervention, this spoke volumes to me because my father is a Native of Lenca Descent (Natives of Honduras) and the ancient rhythms that come naturally to me.

The release, and every release hereafter, is dedicated to Dalibor’s brother Brandon, who tragically took his own life in December. Dalibor stresses this message: “Please never shut yourself out if you need help, reach out to someone. Anyone, because the hurt and pain that comes with a loved one’s absence, is nothing anyone should endure.”

Listen to ‘Riddled With Absence’ below…