DAFT PUNK… unboxed!


The absurd hype machine rolls on… and we're contributing to it.

You might have heard of Daft Punk over the last few months… there's been the odd video here and there.
Not much tho.

They've got a new album out we've heard too. Apparently you can hear it tonight for the first time at The Shard in London but only if you're really special. 

For the rest of us mere mortals we'll have to wait till next Monday and head along to whatever interestingly themed listening party – or just buy it! 

The Gaellic duos single Get Lucky featuring Pharrell, has already broken Spotify streaming records – yup that's how they quantify things these days – and scored its third week at number one in the UKs charts this weekend.

Random Access Memories is released on May 20th. 


Watch the unboxing of Random Access Memories here: 




The album is set for release on Columbia Records on May 20th 2013.