Cult DIY label Vanity Records material to be reissued


This Autumn will see the release of a three part box set series which showcases the eclectic catalogue of the infamous Japanese record label. Vanity Records was responsible for the release of some of the most cutting edge music across the spectrum of post punk, experimental, electronica, synth, ambient and beyond. Much of the music was released in small runs of vinyl during the 70s and 80s. 

The three part box set will be reissued and released by Studio Warp/Kyou Records – an anthology which best showcases the eclecticism of the imprint and the role it played in underground music. 

Details of the releases can be seen below: 

Box Set 1: Vanity Box (11 CDs) – Edition of 500
All albums (most never released on CD before) as well as all tracks released as 7" singles on Vanity.

Box Set 2: Vanity Tapes (6 CDS) – Edition of 300
CD reissue of the cassette box set Limited Edition Vanity Records Box Set released in 1981 as an edition of 30 –  compiling the best demos received by Agi Yuzuru/Vanity.

Box Set 3: Musik (2 CDs) – Edition of 400
CD reissue of complilation Music originally released as a double LP in 1981. Also a selection of demos sent to Agi Yuzuru.

More details and pre order HERE