Crystal Castles ii


Im staying at my Mums place in Broadstairs at the moment and the internet is broken. Because of this Ive come to the local library to type my reviews only to discover I cant listen to anything as my headphones are also bruk. Im totally disorganised. So, anyway, I was meant to write about the new Crystal Castles album this week but cant listen to it right now so Im going to do this from memory. OK. It sounded pretty good, except it got a little same-y in parts. If youve listened to Crystal Castles before, its pretty much more of the same, albeit a little more layered sounding. If you havent, they sound like computer games and electro and stuff clattering together with disembodied female vocals lurking and rising above the mix in a strangely passionless way. I remember there being a great song about 5 tracks in that had a funny kind of tumbling hip hop beat to it and, other than that, my favourite bits on the LP were the lairy spiky songs that sounded like all the mobile phones in the world having a fit, and my least favourite bits were the trance lite accessible numbers that I suspect the record label love. Fortunately there will be about a million other reviews of this on the internet so yknow, you can look at them to find out what more together journalists say this sounds like, or, if you hate the idea of musicians earning money, you could just download the album for free like half the rest of the world did.

Ian Mcquaid