Crown Ruler to release music from Aaron Broomfield


The record label, run by Jeremy Spellacey, is set to release a new EP from Aaron Broomfield which features a track originally recorded in 1979. The Broomfield Corporate Jam leader first recorded the track at the family band’s home studio, Kilimanjaro and later at professional studios in L.A and Miami – but it was never released. The music is described by Aaron himself below: 

“I always wanted to be able to share ‘Boomerang’ with my fans some day – I didn’t release it back then because I thought the time wasn’t right. It was so different to what was considered commercial then and felt ahead of its time.”

The release is the latest in an impressive array of material which Crown Ruler has unearthed on both independent releases and as part of a compilation for Spacetalk Records. 

The release will be available in March later this year. 

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