Crookers feat Yelle


Leading the new Kitsune compilation (theyre up to number 9 now…), this is one of the occasional forays the clown princes of Italian house like to make into the world of proper songwriting. As ever, when Crookers do slow the tempo down, the results are fairly odd. Cooler Couleur is all beefed up 10CC style cod reggae coralled by castanets, clinking milk bottles and the errant squeals of malfunctioning androids. The track switches deftly between stomping steam train ska and passages of Eno-esque progged out swells while Yelle sing-raps in dodgy/ cute (delete as ) continental English, exhorting one and all to dance. As ever the Crookers production is impeccable, booming in all the right places, twisting and turning on itself and subtly evolving. Not quite as immediate as there more up tempo club action, this is a grower nonetheless, and a fine addition to the Kitsune school of simple-yet-complex Euro Pop.

Ian Mcquaid

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