Crooked Man Returns To Dfa For ‘Echo Loves Narcissus’


Famous as one half of Sweet Exorcist alongside Cabaret Voltaire founder Richard H Kirk, Richard Barratt is set to return to DFA under his Crooked Man alias with Echo Loves Narcissus, a four-track EP of spaced out house. Opening track 'Echo Loves Narcissus (Part 1)' was released anonymously as a vinyl A-side on microlabel Bitter End last August, but went on to become Piccadilly Records' #1 single of the 2017.

The rest of this four part suite serves to mutate Part 1's melodic elements into something psychedelic and dancefloor ready, much like last year's 'Crooked Man Remixes Volume 1', which boasted versions by Whatever/Whatever, Juan Maclean and Barker & Baumecker. This time, however, the Crooked Man himself is in charge of subversion.

Echo Loves Narcissus is out March 9th on DFA Records. Preorder and stream 'Echo Loves Narcissus 'Part 1' HERE.

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