A lot of weeks I slump in front of my monolithic Dell and brace myself for the struggle to write new words about new music. Most weeks you, dear reader, are going to be damn lucky if I find something to write about thats either a) genuinely good or b) comically fucking abysmal. Indeed, most weeks I find myself scrabbling about in a bog of mediocrity chewing through gushing press releases and idly wondering if I stepped on any 3 drains whilst walking the dog. So I guess every now and then I have to cheat and pretend that somethings come out this week, when Im pretty sure its actually come out last year. Step forward Crocodiles with Summer of Hate. According to the PR Ive been sent theyve got a new single coming out. Well theres arse all evidence of that on the Myspace, but they are coming for a tour of the UK in May, and this is the first track on their player and if it sounds as thumpingly anthemic live, then, dammit, it should be a single. Crocodiles are two San Diego hipsters heading down the Jesus & Mary Chain via 60s psychedlic fuzz n roll highway. Admittedly that sounds as appealing as being trapped in a magical shrinking lift with the prancing idiot off Pineapple Dance Studios, but they stand out by virtue of two things: they can play and sing really well, and theyve got an insanely belligerent hammering drum machine kick that pounds away under the drones and swirls til the walls shake out cracks. Suicide doing the Who if you will. If nothing else, its definitely going to be worth catching em live. Do you good to get a bit of fresh air eh..

Ian Mcquaid

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