Crimes Of The Future Prep New Release From Haunted Doorbell


Timothy Fairplay as most of you will already know has been seen engineering for Dan Avery and Andrew Weatherall – as well as being Mr Weatherall's bandmate in the Asphodells and producing most excellent records of his own for quite some time – so it comes, perhaps, as little surprise that his new Haunted Doorbell project deals in lush, pulsating dance music that references melodic techno's 90s heyday. Working with Matilda Tristram, Unconnected Thoughts on Jacking sees Haunted Doorbell deliver a four track EP that operates on some strange internal logic – with the chord progressions both familiar and alien, full of nostalgia and undercut with foreboding. There's much to love with every track delivering a tiny epic of seasick euphoria.

Unconnected Thoughts on Jacking is being released through Tim (and Scott Fraser's) Crimes of the Future on 4th May 2015 – check them out on Soundcloud.