Crammed Discs set to reissue an expanded version of Zazou Bikaye’s Mr. Manager LP


Crammed Discs have announced the reissue of Afro/electronic act Zazou Bikaye’s Mr. Manager mini album, expanded to include nine additional tracks, three of which were limited edition and the other six are previously unreleased. 

Originally released in 1985, the record followed the outfit’s groundbreaking debut Noir et Blanc in 1983, which Crammed Discs reissued last year, and charts the progression of Zazou Bikaye becoming a full band and developing their own unique brand of funk and Afrobeat. 

When their cult debut Noir et Blanc was first released, the act comprised of Congolese vocalist/composer Bony Bikaye, French musician/producer Hector Zazou and modular synth wizards CY1, but after the release Zazou Bikaye became a proper band, with Zazou tasked with writing and programming the music and Bony Bikaye expanding on the more extrovert side of his vocal styles. They set out to record a large number of tracks, five of which came out in 1985 as Mr. Manager, a 32-minute mini-album.

Mr. Manager will be released on 20th October. The vinyl version will include eight tracks, plus a download card giving access to all fourteen tracks.

Tracklist (CD/Digital)
01. Mr. Manager
02. Nostalgie
03. Soki Akei
04. (Little) Angel
05. Signorina *
06. Angel
07. Viva La Musica **
08. Le Menteur (Mokosi) *
09. Sopa (Don’t Stand Back In Red) *
10. Nakangi *
11. Yondo *
12. Dubby Musica *
13. Get Back (Longwa) **
14. Get Back (instrumental) **

*  previously unreleased
** previously out on limited-edition singles