Craig Richards, Terry Francis & Keith Reilly to close out fabric Compilation series


Three disc jockeys closely associated with the longstanding club and institution will contribute to the compilation series as it draws to a close. fabric 100 will feature three separate mixtapes from Craig Richards, Terry Francis & Keith Reilly who have each been pivotal in the evolution of the London venue and nightlife in the capital. Keith Reilly, the enigmatic co-founder opened the venue in 1999 and as a firm vinyl enthusiast  has recorded a mix featuring music by the likes of Vondelpark, Rampa, Eddie Richards and more. Craig Richards, the Houghton festival founder and longstanding fabric resident delivers a mix featuring releases from his own imprint The Nothing Special alongside tracks on Optimo Music, Hivern Discs and Creme Organization. Terry Francis then draws for releases by Tiefschwartz, Joeski and more. 

The release will be the last in the longstanding compilation series and will be released on the 26th of October later this month.

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