Cómeme reissue Matias Aguayo’s ‘El Camarón’ with remix from Ricardo Villalobos


Cómeme have reissued a 12″ extended club mix of ‘El Camarón’, a track from Matias Aguayo‘s album The Visitor.

The record comes complete with a new rework from Ricardo Villalobos, who had recently been playing it in his sets and suggested creating his own take on the original.

In typical fashion Ricardo fashion, he stretches out the Latin new beat original into a 12 minute bass-driven groove, while Matias has Aldo added his own extended soundsystem-friendly mix to the new release.


The Visitor was originally released in 2013 on the label, which is run by Matias and Avril Ceballos, and sees Matias explore the realms of cumbia, disco, house and electro.

Listen to Ricardo’s remix.


El Camarón Remixes is out today on Cómeme.