If youve never heard of Viewlexx, then it’s time you got to know. The imprints latest release, arriving from newcomer Cliff Lothar, is the perfect jump off for anyone thats unaware of this Dutch institution. White Savage is a four track EP that is rooted in the origins of basement house and techno. Like much of the labels pre-eminent back catalogue, this rousing release is a classic in the making and one that will make you pine for the a dark room and a dancefloor each time that you hear it.

For the past 18 years, Viewlexx has built its foundations on the multifarious tastes of its creator, the enigmatic I-F. As a DJ and founder of the cybernetic broadcasting system, now known as Intergalactic FM, I-F has propagated sounds that may have otherwise been forgotten. His desire for music is palpable and through both his label and his radio station he is committed to sharing this passion with a wider audience. No slouch in the studio either, I-F has been known to kick up some dust and with good friend Alden Tyrell on mastering duties, Viewlexx is a label with curves in all the right places.

The latest offering from the Rotterdam outfit is probably one of their least adventurous. That is not to say that this EP is dull, on the contrary, compared to many new releases, White Savage has more corners than the Monaco Grand Prix. However, in comparison to some of the label’s previous efforts, this release seems to be slightly more aware of what is turning people on right now. Of course, that is my opinion and maybe I am wrong, as Viewlexx have done as much as any label to stay their own course and perhaps it is the rest of the field that have sublimated themselves towards the west coast sound of Holland. Each track stands on its own two feet with Ringleader taking it in a photo finish for the blue riband. Dro Friday is guaranteed to turn heads, with its infectious lead and instantly recognisable vocal it has every potential to be a ubiquitous dance floor killer. La Boce and Running Out of Time are slightly more subdued in how they go about their business but both are intensely charming and certainly dont let the side down.

The artist, Cliff Lothar, is somewhat of a mystery; for now at least we can only remark upon his music. Who knows for how long that will remain but if songs of this calibre continue to arise from his efforts, then quite feasibly I think well have all the information well need.

White Savage is available now from all good record shops. 

Anthony Mooney
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