Circuit Breaker Release New Album ‘Hands Return To Shake’


London-based duo Circuit Breaker – who've played alongside acts such as Sleaford Mods, Iceage and Russell Haswell – have just released their second album on longstanding avant-punk label Harbinger Sound. A much more personal and emotive work than their debut, Hands Return To Shake finds the orthodoxies of minimal synth and post punk squeezed to breaking point in both a reaffirmation and a deconstruction of the duo's many influences.

Listen to lead track 'Hands Return' below and order the album here.

Lead image: Simon Marsham


1) Soft Talk
2) Hands Return
3) Propulsion
4) Irradicate
5) Transcient Life
6) Assembledge
7) Thoughts Return
8) Possession
9) Alert

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