Ciquita Remixes Out Now And Available To Stream


Remember the heady days and sweaty nights when Ransom Note's label debut 'Ciquita' by Bawrut had everyone partying like an acid fuelled carnival, and the brightest & biggest jocks were fighting for their vinyl copy? Well, it sold out within weeks of it's release and now we are delirious to say that it is back out on digital, resplendent in a weighty remix package to purchase or stream. Our friend Moscoman heads up the new versions, alongside NTS's Dan Beaumont, acid legends Posthuman, piano house from Reverso 68, and our in-office producer Helter Skelter. '1-2-3-4' also gets a lovely Gallic lick from Days Of Being Wild.

Bawrut  – Ciquita/ 1-2-3-4 The Remixes are out now on Ransom Note Records and can be found HERE.


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