Christophe & Lukas pres Maison de Cheval


Christophe & Lukas pres Maison de Cheval 
Futureboogie Recordings (FB005)

The fifth release on Bristol’s Futureboogie abounds in classic house motifs; all very chordal with astutely built layers of percussion exuding an uncompromisingly joyful demeanour: as the best house music does – though the sound also evidences a distinctly modern productive sheen.
Framed within a warm, thoroughly spacey atmosphere, the elements are augmented well – floating and intensifying when desirable. ‘Teardrops’ is intently assured featuring a warm basis of synth interspersed with chiming hooks and humorous (though fortunately occasional) samples of approving heckles.
‘Reel Love’ a darker deviation and the highlight, secures a greater intensity with Diva-esque vocals and an acid-house synth line eventually culminating in some formidable work on the ‘house’ piano. ‘Stalker’ unfortunately proves an instance of garish overkill with a grating hook which isn’t complimented by an unmistakably generic bassline – Though it does little to diminish the good work of the aforementioned efforts.
Geared towards the big room sound and latently influenced by house, acid and disco the EP doesn’t exactly challenge the generic conventions of the recent coalescing of these genre’s but does on the whole evidence acute judgement and talent in production which accentuates the undoubtedly gratifying nature of it all. 

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