Chris Moss Acid Has New Ep ‘Righteous Acid Beats (Feat. Dmx Krew)’


Chris Moss Acid, does what he says on his tin. Tins of Chris Moss Acid are available from all good online retailers. He will remove any stains from your bathroom and kitchen appliances. Leaving them sparkling clean.

In 2006, Chris Moss Acid experimented with adding elements of Gabber to his techno sound. Ransom Note only dance to gabber in secret but we're happy that the genre got some love from the man himself.

This particular output marks the third in a run of original EP’s from Chris Moss Acid and its pretty much an acid record. It's called "Righteous Acid Beats EP" and in fact, we would describe it as… acid. Adjectives we'd use to describe this release are "acid," "acidic," and "caustic". If we owned a dusty record store in small town America, we would file it under acid. If your grandma asked with her hand held to her ear "And what would you call this, dear?" you would answer with, "acid."

It's by Chris Moss Acid and it's acid.


It comes out 18th September.