Chris Carter


Latest release on the mighty Optimo Music label, out next week.

Originally recorded between 1974 and 1978 at Industrial Records studio in London, ‘The Space Between’ album was first released as a 90 minute cassette in 1980 on Throbbing Gristle’s Industrial Records label. It eventually got released by Mute on CD around 1990. This new vinyl-tastic edition (for the first time), now retitled ‘The Spaces Between’, doesn’t include all the tracks of the original album but has been enhanced and remastered from the original two-track master tapes and has new cover artwork especially for this release.

JD Twitch has this to say about the release…

“The original release featured fifteen tracks. As I wanted to have a reasonably loud vinyl pressing, I have picked my favourite six to appear here (not an easy task to narrow it down). In addition there is a bonus track “Climbing” which was recorded around the same time that was released by Coil’s Geoff Ruston on his “Men With Deadly Dreams” cassette in 1981. One of the first ever recordings to use an 808 drum machine, it still sounds as if it is from tomorrow.??In my opinion, these are some of the key recordings in the history of electronic music. They were made using very basic equipment at a time when there was no blueprint for what electronic music could and should be. There is a beauty, an emotion and an imagination present here that is lacking in a lot of modern machine music. This music is as vital and wondrous today as it was four decades ago.”

Due to the ‘only just getting released’ nature of this, you’re only getting the one track (the one that was available on their Soundcloud)…

Chris Carter – The Spaces Between
A1 – Beat
A2 – Outreach
A3 – Clouds
A4 – Electrodub
B1 – Interloop
B2 – Solidit
B3 – Climbing

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