‘All The eastern girls’ – flux pavilion remix


So whilst grime indie crossover (Grindie…mwahahaha) was a nonsense concocted between one eager young journalist and a couple of hapless nobs at the Old Blue Last, it seems that dubstep mixes of indie tracks are here to stay- from the all conquering Skream/La Roux game changer to Jakwobs turd polishing of Ellie Goulding- the kids are hungrier than a Chilean miner for this weird mix of fey Radio 6 vocals and demonic bass wubbles.. Is there even a genre name for this yet? Christ, surely not IndieStep?

Any good suggestions and Ransom Note is all ears… Anyways, heres more, executed in fine fashion by Flux Pavillion and the really totally indie Chapel Club. As these things go theres all the usual signposts; big stabby melodies and go-slo beats for an intro; massive reverb on the (slightly weedy) vocals, then a big special effect thing in this case some acid-y synth buzzing angry gubbinsand a shit heap of bass and bizarre sounds comes crashing down. I played it at the Corsica Art Studios last week and a room full of kids went bananas, and what more do you want than that eh?