Chan Dizzy


OK people, we need to sort some things out. Ive been looking at the UK chart and frankly Im appalled. This week my reviews are going to be entirely based on comparing songs from Jamaicas top 20 with whatever woeful counterpoint we have clogging up the airwaves here in Blighty.

Lets start with Chan Dizzy, currently holding the number 3 position in Carribean with a track sparser than a Moscow Lidl. Strange Face is, in the main, made of 3 sounds, a kick drum, a snare and a shaker, with Chan Dizzy being insanely menacing as he tells how he doesnt like seeing strangers around the place. It sounds nothing quite like anything Ive ever heard from dancehall. Imagine the most stripped back dub techno minimalism, add some grit and youre kinda there. Innovative dance floor excellence, and its number 3 in the chart !! Over here, we have LMFAO with Party Anthem, which is a fair enough title, if we take party to mean mindless dog shit and anthem to mean roared tunelessly. 1 nil Jamaica.

Ian Mcquaid

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