Celestial Bodies


Hmmm. I get the feeling that Celestial Bodies are on the verge of being hyper trendy (up coming single launch in Dalston, connected mates, strong visuals…) but theres no real need to hold that against them. There music is fairly hard to pin down. There are big reverberating drums and a kind of sparse shoe gaze effect that is particularly English in the wistful nature of its sound. I suppose I could compare the production to a lo fi, pared down reimagining of the massive sounding 80s Cure albums (Disintergration, The Top) with a more gently melancholic effect rather than Rob Smiths complete despair. The sound is very now, and they manage to distinguish themselves from the rest of the crop of young pretenders mining 80s and 90s indie awkwardness by utilising a full range of complex stop-start rhythms that engender a satisfyingly cerebral listening experience.
Ian Mcquaid

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