Ceelo Green Returns With Goodie Mob Rapper Gipp


There's always time round these parts for CeeLo Green's freaky falsetto. This week, the plus size singer has been lending his pipes to a new single from former Goodie Mob bandmate Gipp (aka Big Gipp). The new cut, 'Shine Like Gold' is the kind of fat backed, sun drenched hip hop soul that Green has long made his own, although we can't help thinking the chorus melody sounds uncommonly like Supergrass's 'Caught By The Fuzz' -which is no bad thing, obvs. The track is taken from Gipp's forthcoming solo LP 'Zagga', and spells good things for the project.

Fans are also eagerly looking forward to the forthcoming Goodie Mob reality show 'The Good Life', which will chronicle the inner workings of the legendary Southern hip hop crew – although we're not sure how much entertainment can actually be squeezed from endless footage of rappers eating and smoking bud..