Cassius – The Rawkers EP


6 new pieces of chunking analogue wonder from the French Chemical Brothers. Brotherhood,
the first track on this EP is beautifully addictive, all melancholic guitar tones and off kilter synth melodies, bringing it somewhere between the Twin Peaks soundtrack and a Mr Oizo workout, if you can imagine such a thing. From then on Cassius continue to pile on the ransacked disco sounds, always edging around the obvious; synth lines becoming echoes of pop musicnearly familiar, but distorted enough in the retelling to unsettle and intrigue. Peaking with the majestic I <3 U So, a reverb drenched bizarre love song built around a slow burning soul sample, bottomless drums and plummeting chords, all more prog than house, and suggesting the duohave more than a passing acquaintance with the sorrowful dubstep of Burial, the EP is a welcome and worthy return from a pair of dance music veterans.

Ian Mcquaid

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