Carousel Records Launches Crowdfunding Campaign


Berlin’s already cool but it’s about to become even cooler as it is set to become the home of Owen Howells’ and Mike Davis’ baby Carousel Records, a physical music store that will drive crate diggers wild, and they need YOUR help to make this dream a reality.

Howell and Davis already have the online version of the store underway, with its launch planned for August 1st, and promise a carefully curated selection of house, techno and electronica old and new on the cards. Which of course is what you’d expect from the Berlin based techno DJ/producer and his business partner. With last year's vinyl sales at a record high, it’s not a bad time to launch this project.

But the real flagship of this enterprise is going to be the Berlin based physical store which promises to be much more than a store but an event space and social hub. Owen has this to say “Personally, I want to preserve the physical, tangible side of music. The sort of music that gathers dust, the sort of music friendships in record stores are formed over,” so the community aspect of the record store is really a strong point. I’m imagining a sort of techno Empire Records: a bastion of real music fighting against the man and music stealing culture, which is exactly what every city needs. They also hope to promote the position of music in the heart of the city and in people's minds. 

So! Why do they need your help and why should you help? Well, this project is mostly crowdfunded so if you want this project to happen, because its nice to support people’s dreams, you can go ahead and give a donation on the site. And, now for the good bit, you can get a whole load of goodies as perks for your donations. £5 sees you a 5% discount off your first order and £10, 10%. Move up to £15 and we’re talking tote bags and shout outs, £25 gets you your name written on the wall of the store (imagine!) and £200 will fetch you a bonanza of goodies including your name on the wall and the website, a free Carousel Friend & Family Compilation and 12 mystery records (1 a month for a year!) – ooh, what will they be? Daniel Bedingfield and Craig David hopefully…

If you want to donate, the Indiegogo site is here.