Carl Craig Interview


Never one to indulge in small talk with the likes of R$N, we did our best to squeeze out some conversation from one of our heroes, the man himself Carl Craig. Did we succeed? Well, errm, partially….


In your career to date can you describe the the most magical event you've ever played?
I imagined that i played a mystical event on Venus, and then i realized i was on a music safari with Sven.
If you could hold a party on any planet in the sky, which one would it be and why? 
I wouldnt want to party on any planet…just in deep space, maybe the black hole.
What have you got going on release wise at the moment?
I released Carls Davis "sketches 1-6". These are works that are explorations in development of my next musical transition. There are remixes from Tom Trago and Delano Smith which are circulating around.  My greatest release is the constant development of my live performances, i'm searching for perfection.
Your favourite labels of the moment? 
I don’t have any favorite labels.  I love good music from the artists vision.
What, to you, is Magical? 
The unlimited supply of the air we breathe.
Who is the most cosmic producer / DJ for you?
George Clinton will always be the most cosmically outrageous producer ever.  He took the mix of psychedelics, fuckadelics, and Sun Ra to cosmic proportions. 
Tell Us your favourite fact from the sky…  
Here is one: the brightest object in the night sky – aside from the sun and moon, is the planet Venus (this website is pretty good, too): 
I love the idea that there are goldilocks planets out there that are newly found in other galaxies. Planets that have the possibility of sustaining life in the way our Planet E does.  We no longer look to Mars as being our only source of escape.
What can we expect from your set with Cassy at Cocoon Heroes London, Into the Magic? 
Pure love and desire. Musical magic between my sister and her brother.
Can you google your favourite 'Space' photo and send to us?
Carl Craig plays back to back with Cassey at Cocoon Heroes 'Into the Magic' on December 1st.