Can Founder Irmin Schmidt To Release Collection Of Solo Work


Irmin Schmidt is set to release a 12-CD box set of his solo work, marking his progression from 1981 through to the present day.

Following the disbandment of krautrock-defining CAN, Schmidt went on to work with Swiss jazz and electronics musician Bruno Spoerri, which the collection begins with before journeying through his Gormenghast opera, collaborations with Jono Podmore (aka kumo) and Duncan Followell, and handpicks music from over 100 soundtracks and theatre compositions Schmidt has worked on over the past three decades.

You can preview the atmospheric and as yet unreleased Why Not below, taken from the soundtrack of Stephan Wagner's Losegeld (2012), the longing Noir trumpet swaying forlornly over uneasy electronic ambiance and delicate, eerie rhythmic accents.

'Electro Violet' is released via Mute and CAN's Spoon Records on 20th November and can be pre-ordered from Amazon here.