Calibre announces new LP


The celebrated producer has unveiled a new thirteen track album called “Feeling Normal” which showcases a breadth of styles and genres. It expands upon his previous outing “Planet Hearth” which emphasised Calibre’s long enduring love affair with ambient textures and downtempo electronica. 

The album will be released by Signature Recordings on the 26th of February and the announcement also teased dub edits from prolific producer Mark Ernestus, founder of Berlin’s Hard Wax store and a pivotal figure amidst the underground electronic music community in the city. Calibre describes this collaboration below:

“Getting to work with Mark Ernestus is a real honour, I collected Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound and his other work for many years and still do. It’s hard to avoid the influence of this guy in electronic music across genres and so it is a real pleasure to have him do his thing with the Badman tune which I think sounds closely related.”

Pre order the release HERE