Cajmere / Future Funk


A genuine WTF!? moment from Cajmere, alongside stars of America’s Got Talent (wait – come back)…

OK, so I’ve been following Cajmere / Green Velvet on Twitter for a while, and a few months back he recommended checking out a video of these two kids who were on America’s Got Talent. Now I wouldn’t normally watch such filth(!) but this got me interested. Check out the clip here – two dancers, aged 5 and 9. Magnificent stuff:

Wow! Literally, amazing. So, next up Cajmere is going on about releasing a Percolator remix album and making a video to promote it. It came out the other day, and features the Future Funk kids in a school, with Cajmere! (I think the show is still going, and they are still in it) Most bizarre…

I’ve posted the original Percolator track before, so here it is again to tie in with this mental remix project…

Right, I’m off to add to Edinburgh’s cunt population for the next 24 hours…

Cajmere – Chit Chat (The Remixes) / Coffee Pot
A1 – Chit Chat (Chit Chat Remix)
A2 – Chit Chat (Clubhouse Mix)
A3 – Chit Chat (Late Night Mix)
B1 – Chit Chat (Original Instrumental)
B2 – Coffee Pot (Percolator Mix)
B3 – Naumatunedacorra (Remix)

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