Bussey Building And Rye Wax Under Threat

The seemingly unstoppable march of gentrification in London looks likely to threaten another of the capital's night clubs. Planning permission has been sought to add two storeys, and extend the basement, of 133 Rye Lane in Peckham which is directly next to the buzzing cultural hub that is centred around the Bussey Building. Is it for social, affordable housing that will benefit the area? Is it fuck. This extension is with the view to build a suite of luxury flats and is almost certain to threaten the existence of all of the small businesses in the area.
Alongside the Bussey Building, the area also plays host to the new record shop come noodle joint come café come bar that is Rye Wax, plus many other creative and community minded small businesses and projects. The site is of huge value to the local area, supporting local people with jobs, and providing a creative outlet for artists, labels, djs and more.
Please help by following this links to help stop this going ahead and support the vital creative hub that has benefited so many local artists.
And then please sign the petition here