Burning Witches Records release illusive EP by Dorothys Fortress


The Kent based record label have released a special 7″ record featuring two tracks. “Theme From Phase IV” is out now and is as seedy, murky and deviant on the dancefloor as they come. The record was once a secret weapon of The Chemical Brothers over ten years ago and now is given the light of day it truly deserves. The label describe the release as follows:

“Produced by the mysterious Django the Bastard, Side A hits you with a bass heavy 80s Italo disco arpeggio laden electro fest with ‘Theme from Phase IV’ whilst the B-side sees our heroes deliver ‘Hellcat’ a fat 4/4 piece of electro disco business, tinged with lo-fi sleaze !

Originally released over a decade ago and played by the Chemical Brothers as a  super disco weapon, Dorothys Fortress soon gained underground cult status, but no sooner than they appeared, they went back to the secret studio in El Santoro, Los Angeles.”

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