Brush & Broom Launched With Ep From Kalbata


Originating from Tel Aviv the new label will act as a platform for the distribution and release of Acid and African percussion music. Run by Kalbata, one of the team behind the infamous Fortuna record label, the label will release the 'Obskuur' EP on the 23rd of October next month. Kalbata himself will be the first artist to appear on the label.

Kalbata describes the reasoning behind the new project as follows…

"I've been wanting to start my own label for a while, and when I reached this point where I had quite a lot of unreleased tracks with a similar aesthetics I was like let's do this! It's still gonna be quite varied along the lines of acid and percussion based house and techno, which is a bit of a shift from what I've done so far, but it's what I've been feeling both in the studio and as a DJ. The sounds of mystery by Brush & Broom! First couple of releases are by myself followed by a very cool collab further down the line. "

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