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Ive been going through the 92 hardcore, the plan being to get everything digitised by the end of the year. As Im a lazy and inconsistent sod I make no promises. Lets see how it goes eh.

1st Prodject – Right Before MP3



First up, a rave corner stone from the charmingly mispelt 1st Prodject. Right Before was stuck on the B Side of the collaborative
first EP from Fokus records (who if memory serves correct also released Mickey Finns Biting Back classic). Its built round an amazing piano
riff, a dirty vamp bass line, a massive break, and the memorable vocal taken from the much sampled Patti Day disco original Right Before My
Eyes. Total joy.

Si-La – Flashin Styles EP

Listen here


All Crew MP3

Mental Slavery MP3

Si-La released the Flashin Styles EP on Tumpin Records in 92. They had one previous release Ive been able to track down, also on Tumpin, but its on this EP that they really deliver the goods. The 2 tracks Ive upped here are both from the A side, featuring the vocals of Papa Levi, UK dancehall MC from the pioneering British soundsystem Saxon. All Crew was a mix tape and rave smash, and its hyper breaks and euphoric piano riff still do the job. Mental Slavery is a more vocal bashment influenced affair, deeper in vibe, with more blissed out electronics. Both tracks show crazy production skills and heavy booming bass, and I guess its the limited pressing on this EP that stop it gettin more props today- as far as I know neither tracks have been licensed to any of the numerous back to the old school compilations, despite being on big rotation back in 92, which seems a real waste.

Do I even need to mention how dope the cover is? You know.

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