Broken English Club’s New Album Due On L.I.E.S This June


Titled ‘The English Beach’, Oliver Ho’s Broken English Club Project present 12 tracks of broken, off-kilter, metallic house & techno inspired by the location at which it was created, the bleak and barren English town of Dungeness — specifically the old nuclear power station site where abandoned buildings and wreckage litter the landscape — on Ron Morelli's L.I.E.S imprint

It’s a crafty mix of industrial, post-future soundscapes and danceable cuts with the subsequent track titles such as ‘Stray Dogs’, ‘Plague Song’, ‘’Pylon’, and ‘Wire Fence’ assisting the narrative with a kind of smirk-tinged humour.

A book of photographs of the area and accompanying word collages have also been created by Oliver to complete aN inventive bundle of textured, and largely danceable, music, inspired by a very bleak corner of England.

Oliver Ho's Broken English Club project will release his new album in on 15th June.

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