Brian Eno unveils new video for ‘Decline and Fall’


Brian Eno has unveiled a new personally commissioned video for ‘Decline and Fall’, taken from his forthcoming album, ‘Film Music 1976 – 2020’.

The track was originally featured in Eno’s original score for the movie ‘O Nome da Morte’, which was directed by Henrique Goldman who proved a natural choice to direct this new video. Showcasing Eno’s skill in augmenting the moving image, the video marries cinematography and sound, contrasting intrigue, shock and beauty in a timely metaphor of our relationship with the Earth.

Speaking about the video, Goldman explains that “Our video juxtaposes two cinematic narratives set in Brazil, one of the main frontiers in the final battle between Man and Nature. The first comprises fragments of a drama about the tortured soul of the assassin portrayed in ‘O Nome da Morte’, and the second depicts a magical natural phenomena – the Invisible River of the Amazon – a meteorologic process on a colossal scale, whereby rainforest trees continually spray billions of gallons of water into the atmosphere. 

The video is foreboding and suspenseful. Somewhere in the vast Brazilian landscape, something momentous lurks in the background. An unforeseen, greedy and merciless force disrupts the divine stream of life. The same force drives the hitman, who stealthily steps out of the shadows to kill for money. As rain and fire, fiction and science, birth and death, nature and civilisation, art, love and greed continually juxtapose each other, we become aware of the delicate natural balance that is being severely disrupted by our civilisation.” 

Goldman has directed, written and produced several award-winning features, including the internationally acclaimed ‘Princesa’, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2001 and won the Best Film Award at the Out-Fest in 2002. His feature ‘Jean Charles’, premiered at Toronto in 2009 and won the Best Screenplay Award at the 2009 Dinard Film Festival. Through his production company Mango Films, Henrique has both directed and produced a string of documentaries for international broadcasters including RAI (Italy), Channel 4 (UK) and Globo Network (Brazil).

Pre-order the album HERE. Photo credit: Cecily Eno.