Brawther & Alixkun To Release Lp Of Super Rare Japanese House Cuts


Brawther and Alixkun have gone on a crate digging exploration to Japan so you don't have to and have returned with a whole batch of glorious House records like you wouldn't believe.

Their venture into the world of underground Japanese House tracks from the late '80s and early '90s has resulted in them finding enough gems to put together an LP comprised of 15 absolute belters. This compilation of sounds will help give all us know-nothings about the Japanese scene an insight into exactly where the sound was headed and what delights we've, until now, been missing out on.

Expect plenty of deep grooves and soulful melodies as we got on a listening adventure to a land not explored enough by music-lovers.

Brawther and Alixkun Present: Once Upon A Time In Japan is out in November via Les Disques Mystiques & Jazzy Couscous.