Boris Blank ‘Electrified’ Kickstarter Launched

Boris Blank is the founder member of YELLO. Along with Dieter Meier, they created one of the most influential electronic bands of the last 40 years. Their unique combination of music, video, art and humour has left a lasting impression on a generation of artists and fans.
During this time, Boris wrote many soundtrack ideas that were never publicly released. ELECTRIFIED is a collection of 58 unreleased soundtracks presented across four formats. In the analog domain, there are 3 vinyl LPs (180gm) and one metal-reel audio cassette. For those who prefer CD, the mini-box contains the 3 vinyl LPs as a double CD. Twelve films and animations are included on the DVD.
Now, a Kickstarter campaign has been launched in an effort to put together a deluxe package of rare material that otherwise wouldn't see the light of day. In the words of the campaign's launchers "This is a collector's item for the fans."