Bon Voyage Organisation To Release Debut Album


'Jungle? Quelle Jungle?' will be released in March next year and comes off the back of a new single titled 'Goma'. Adrien Durand is the man behind the new project who describes his musical creation as follows: 

“I tried to continue the musical expedition between dystopian Science-Fiction Haunted Africa and futuristic Asia. Addressing, in a double entendre manner, some of the political issues that I am sensitive to.

I have a taste for the otherworldly vibe from records coming from less sought-after musical scenes, particularly Poland, Haiti, Ethiopia, Somalia, Congo and early Cantonese pop. Languages and the rapport of the people involved in the making of those records really inspires me. I particularly hate the use of the word “World Music” as a potpourri for everything that doesn’t sound quite western enough.”

The album will be the first long form album to emerge from Bon Voyage Organisation and follows on from two previously released EP's. Watch a video for the single below: 


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