Bobmo -Bring it Back


Ahhhhhhh the rushy magic of the tempo slow down/ speed up in dance music, notably championed by Lil Louis on all time house classic French Kiss, DJ Zinc on the jungle tear out Reach Out and, of course, Fat Boy Slim on Brighton evoking melody turd Rockafeller Skank. Hot City steps up to chuck his tuppence into the fray, and YES ! Its a hit, a palpable hit! He starts this mix off with really odd broken down garridge drums and shrill sirens and its all a bit beardstep, but hold on, hold on, and soon enough the beat packs in being clever arse and gets on with the job of making people dance. Then, give it a minute and here they are- the mad synth stabs nicked from Outlanders Vamp kick in, everything drops away and we get slooower, slooooooooooooweeerrrr still, everyones underwater dancing, grinning, a little confused, and the tempo picks up, and up andupandup then BANG the beats back in like a shagging rabbit and were away, hands in the air, cheering etc. Textbook tempo slow down/ speed up, full marks that man.

Ian Mcquaid

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