Blue Tapes To Start Reissuing Their Cassettes As Records


Blue Tapes have gained a rep for their lovingly presented cassettes packed with avant garde goodies. They've now announced that "after two years of harping over social media on the preferential treatment afforded by reviewers and record shops to vinyl over cassette releases, we figured: if you can't beat em, join em." To this end they are launching 'Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records' –  a tape series and a vinyl series.

"The tape series will continue to be represented by alternative process artwork and anomalous sounds. The vinyl series will all be pressed on delicious frosted-clear heavyweight 180g vinyl with screenprinted artwork that, with each release, will resemble a photographic negative – if the entire package is held up to the light."

The first release on X-Ray Records is Tahsi Dorji's feted Blue Twelve LP, an album of live guitar improvisations, that sound very little like they're played on the guitar. It's a strange and compelling album, more unsettling neo-classical soundtrack than conventional music. This will be followed by Pour Le Plaisir's Tin Machine EP, a throbbing synth work out to soundtrack an imagined remake of Midnight Express. Both releases come out in January 2015, listen to exerpts below.