Blankstairs To Release New Ben Glas Ep


We know you've all been sat there waiting for some bizarre, abstract sounds to float across the pond and into your ears at the speed of Concorde (without anywhere near as much damage as a plane to the head) and it seems as though some are just about to be delivered.

Blankstairs have announced that the new six-track EP from Ben Glas, entitled Music To Interact To, is on the way on 15th September and we think you might just like it. It's filled with sounds further out than that guy in your office who thinks he's a 'bit of a character' and it'll mess with your head so much that you'll need a bit of a lie down. It is really good, honest, we just enjoy a good ramble.

Get your ears around this;

Music To Interact To is out on 15th September via Blankstairs.