Black Merlin to release 3 track EP on Die Orakel


2018 saw George Thompson, better known as Black Merlin, release 4 EP's and 1 album, an LP exploring the cultural and natural soundscapes of Papua New Guinea. Despite this busy year, the British producer and DJ has shown no signs of taking 2019 easily. His latest offering – the Kode EP on Oliver Hafenbauer's label Die Orakel – channels the aesthetic he has become recognised globally for: dramatic and captivating, building in intensity as the metronome ticks. Across these three tracks, Thompson employs a simple yet intriguing blueprint of hypnotic, modular textures, developing a heightened sense of tension through unwavering musical sorcery. Available both physically and digitally, the EP will be released on 25th January.

Watch the video below: 

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