Black Bandcamp relaunch as ‘Black Artist Database’


Black Bandcamp, a vital resource and platform supporting Black artists, have today relaunched as ‘Black Artist Database’.

Spawned in response to last year’s Black Lives Matter movement and the global pandemic, Black Artist Database began as a community-based, crowd-sourced initiative, collating over 2,800 international Black owned record labels, artists, producers and bands, as a resource for music consumers. Since then the platform has expanded in both its mission and function, now profiling over 3500 artists, in addition to writers, journalists, editors and more.

The relaunched platform provides direct links to Bandcamp and individual websites of artists and creatives from across the world, acting as an informative access point for each artist profiled, as well as working towards becoming a database for Black creatives in all fields of work. Editorial content has also developed across the platform, including features highlighting the work of creatives, an exclusive mix series: ‘B.A.D.mix’, and a mixed media series titled ‘Voices’ which shares the untold stories of Black artists in music and champions their voices. 

In addition, Black Artist Database has announced their [pause] initiative to support and encourage businesses in the music industry towards the goal of more equitable workspaces. With only 11.4% of music industry jobs filled by BIPoC creatives, [pause] aims to encourage those in positions of power to actively bridge this inequality gap.

Visit Black Artist Database. Photo credit: Thomas Murray.