Birds to self-release new EP ‘Pure/Fade Away’


East London-based DJ, producer and Netil Radio resident Katie Wilkinson is set to self-release her final EP of the year, a two-tracker titled Pure/Fade Away.

The EP follows her previous release earlier this year on psychedelic Swedish label, Höga Nord, and comes complete with an A3 screen print of the artwork as part of the special edition release.

The EPs sees her blend shoegaze sensibilities with acid bass lines and post-punk guitars adding her own warm atmosphere across both cuts. Side one brings ‘Pure’ – a progressive reverb heavy guitar lead track sat on a base of FM drums and peppered with and an overdriven 303 riff. The lyrics, which reference Covid-19’s effect on mental health, are repeated throughout, becoming increasingly ominous as the track reaches its climax.
On the flip, ‘Fade Away’, matches 80’s post-punk influences with ambient breakbeats carried by an acid bass line that acts as a chorus to the piece. Again the lyrics carry a poignancy referencing the sad demise of UK culture and how it’s been disregarded by the government throughout the entire pandemic.

This digital release will be released on Birds’ Bandcamp on 27th November 2020 with details of the screen print bundle announced soon.