Billie Ray Martin


Severino is one of the best DJs in London- hes got a fair claim to have kick starting the capitals disco revival at the seminal Horse Meat Disco, and from that platform can now be heard crafting sets that cover a spectrum of driving, charismatic, song driven dance music with scant regard for fussiness about genre. This remix of house vocal queen Billie Rays Sweet Suburban Disco should do a lot to up Severinos profileits a hefty slab of acid house, jus like they made in the good ol days- the 303s bubble with a classic clean force and the 909s pulse with a dirty kick. The Billie Ray vocal is a classy affair delivered with the style of a life long diva, and for those who want a harder affair, theres a dub floating about nall. 13 / 16

Ian Mcquaid