Bill Patrick Interview


Bill Patrick is a man of many accolades… Since his days as a DJ in legendary clubs such as The Limelight, Vinyl & Arc, he has charmed our hearts and moved our bodies. Co-founder of the famed Robots parties and witty host of Robot Radio. Within the world of electronic music everyone has a tale about our friend Bill Patrick. Some funny, some sad, some tragic, most shady, but at the end of each story or any encounter with this demi god your left wanting more. We were graced with a few moments of his time and rather kick – ass mix ahead of his upcoming appearence for mulletover In Ibiza prt. 2.

Have you played in Ibiza before? If so where?
I've played a bunch in Ibiza. the first time was in 2003 at DC-10, which was pretty fucking amazing. i've also played the Space terrace, Underground, and various afterparties on the island.

What's the best party you've ever been to on the island?
Probably the old DC-10 parties back in the day. 2003-2007. Shit was really underground back then, not as crowded, the island was just beginning this transformation from a big prog trance mecca to the new techno and house sound championed by the likes of circo loco and cocoon. 

How long have you been coming to the island? whats your ibiza story?
Well, the first time i came was in 2001…I spent a few weeks towards the end of the season and had the time of my life. I remember reading mixmag and DJ mag back in those days and always seeing the parties, the DJ's, and craziness that took place on the island. So when I finally made it I was completely in awe. I returned back to NY on Sept 10. The next day the world changed forever and my magical Ibiza experience seemed like lightyears away. So that's my ibiza story. what a fucking comedown. Sorry.

Apart from mulletover, what are you look forward to doing while you're on the island?
Relaxing and not going to any other clubs. Hanging out with my friends and not going to any other clubs. Eating some nice food and not going to any other clubs. Are you noticing a pattern here?

Only can happen in Ibiza: What's the weirdest thing that's happened to you on the island?
Hmm, only in Ibiza? I paid €70 for a coke, 2 waters, and whiskey cola.

If you were a beach in Ibiza, which one would you be?
Probably sa caleta. I used to live walking distance from this beach for a few summers back in 2006/2007 and I adore it. The cliffs, the restaurant, the little nudey section on the side. Not sure why this beach represents me the most but it's my favorite. I havent been back to the island much since those days so maybe its shit now. I dont know. Perhaps its crowded and flooded with shitty Italians? Who knows….My real last name is Gargiulo so I guess I could also be seen as a shitty Italian. So there ya go. I'm Sa Caleta. 

What does Ibiza mean to you? Has your perception of the island changed since the first time you came here.
Well, I've made it widely known in previous interviews that I kinda hate the island now. The club side of it anyways. It's still a beautiful island and great to visit for holiday but it has definitely changed since I first started coming. I'm not gonna get into it all again cus it's like beating a dead horse. I think your next question will give me a chance to elaborate a bit though.

Ibiza 2012 is already feeling like a vintage year with a load of new, reasonably priced clubs – including Sankeys – bubbling up over the past couple of years. Do you think this is the year Ibiza becomes affordable again?
I don't know if it will become affordable but I do like the fact that a place like Sankeys exist. The big posh asshole driven macho douchebag ed hardy clubs like pacha and amnesia are terrible. I'm happy to be playing in a place like Sankeys, it's one of the only places on the island I'll play because of how much I despise the other shit.

Who else are you looking forward to seeing on the bill with you at mulletover.
Well, I love Greg and Holmar of Thugfucker. Stuart is always fun to hang with as well…It's looking like a really solid lineup so i'm sure everyone who comes out will be in for a treat.

Catch Bill Patrick at mulletover In Ibiza Part 2 on June 23rd at Sankeys. More info and tickets.