Bicep vs Ejeca – You


Far be it for this to be a Bicep appreciation society this week but it would be foolish not to highlight their new incredible new beauty of a banger in the form of their collaboration with Ejeca on Aus music to all o' y'all… specially considering they're taking over Room 3 at fabric on Saturday and more importantly headlining our stage at FARR 

You takes all the elements that make Bicep's productions supremely great and a cut above most other stuff floating around at the moment and interlaces it with uncharacteristic bass leanings atmospherics to produce something altogether high-bred… I could go on with all this hyperbolic rhetoric but it might better if you just had a little listen eh… 

Do they know how to put a foot wrong?

BIcep play fabric this weekend and R$N vs SOCIETY stage @ FARR festival on 28th July… remember we've got the cheapest and exclusivist £35 tix right here. Don't sleep!